About Us

Supporting Kids Fighting Cancer

About us:  Why the Crusade

Caleb’s Crusade continues to grow and prosper since starting in 2009 helping serve children and their families with childhood cancer.  We have helped many families primarily in Southwest Florida with the financial challenges that come with their child being diagnosed with cancer. We also aim to raise awareness for childhood cancer which includes advocating for children with cancer both locally and in our nations Capitol.  We are particularly tenacious in making sure children have a voice in the competition for research dollars, and we won’t give up until a cure is found.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that when I am in need of financial assistance or emotionally need someone to talk to, Caleb’s Crusade and the people who surround them are there for me”

Maria Maldonado: Ethan's Mom 

“During Lilly’s treatment we were met with many hardships. The weight cancer puts on a family, even beyond the actual treatment, is devastating. We had to give up our home, move in with family, go down to just one car for our family of five, and learn to budget for the life of a family battling cancer.  Then one day Rob Whan contacted me. Not long after that we met at Lilly’s hospital bedside, and it was then that Caleb’s Crusade became a name we were not only familiar with but forever grateful for.  I cannot express just how much Caleb’s Crusade has done for my family, but please know that each one of you coming together to raise funds and awareness, mean so very much. Each and every one of you makes a difference! What you do for these families battling this monster called cancer is truly amazing.”

Melinda Ross: Lily's Mom

As leaders of the foundation, Rob and Monique make themselves available to help navigate the challenges with the experience and the resources that they have. They also have connected many families with other organizations and resources throughout the country in hopes to fill all the voids that our families face. We like to say if we cannot fill a need ourselves we will do everything we can to connect the families we support with the resources that are out there. Being this active allows Rob and Monique to offer their emotional support as well. We are available around the clock to our families for just about any need or support that they may need.

Aside from grants, we offer direct bill pay for utilities, phone, car payments, car repairs/maintenance, mortgage/rent payments, groceries, gas, minor medical equipment needs, necessary furniture, spending money for trips (which allows families to make irreplaceable memories) travel for treatment and an occasional gift to cheer up our kiddos or their siblings.  We have also gifted some electronics based on unique situations.  We do not pay medical bills.